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  • How is it packaged? Will it arrive to me safely?
    We package all our plants within jars, tubs, or packets, and they are then wrapped in bubble wrap or similar protection, and often packed in a foam box. You can see pictures on our Highlights on our Instagram, @rareplantstissueculture.
  • What do I need to purchase and import a plant?
    Each country has different requirements for importing plants, and we advise our buyers to be aware of the requirements for their own country before purchasing. The US requires an import permit for importing more than 12 plants.
  • How much is delivery?
    Delivery costs depend on the weightage of the package, aka how many plants you order. We bill this at cost, and it is usually around $60USD. The shipping cost listed on the website is the preliminary and minimum amount. You may be billed for extra shipping costs once your package has left us.
  • I'm in Canada. Do I need an import permit?
    We don't require an import permit to send the plants to you, however we believe you do require an import permit in order to collect the plants. However, do check on your end as I'm afraid we're not aware of the specifics. On our side, we just prepare the usual phytosanitary certificate before it leaves for delivery.
  • How long does it take for a phytosanitary certificate to be obtained?
    The phytosanitary certificate is done and obtained the morning of the shipment.
  • Do I need a phytosanitary certificate?
    Most countries require a phytosanitary certificate, and we prepare them on our end for you. We bill this at cost, which is $50USD per phyto.
  • What countries do you deliver to?
    We currently deliver to the US, Canada, the EU, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Russia.
  • Where are you shipping from? Where do the plants come from?
    We ship directly from our lab in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • I'm from the US. What do I need to get your plants?
    You'll need to send us your import permit and your yellow and green labels, we'll handle the rest.
  • How long does shipment take?
    Shipping is stated to take around 7-10 days, but many of our buyers state that they receive their package within 3-5 days.
  • What plants would you recommend for beginners? Which plants are difficult to plant out?
    We would say there are only three difficult plants that we sell: Billietiae, Florida Beauty, and Caramel Marble. The other plants are all relatively easy.
  • Can I see customer reviews?
    Sure, we have customer reviews on our Instagram highlights (@rareplantstissueculture)
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